Perfect energy efficiency: fully reinforced window profile made of High-tech materials RAU-FIPRO®

GENEO is energy the best system of window profiles with a depth of 86 mm currently available in the market. The specialty GENEO profile is high-tech material RAU-FIPRO.  It is a composite material glass-fiber reinforced, that makes profiles extremely stable. By using this innovative material in almost 90% use waste needs for steel reinforcements without which it was not possible to achieve the necessary stability.  In this way GENEO achieves better thermal insulation values, since there is no need for thermal bridges – resulting from use of steel, and much more are located to the requirements of the appropriate energy saving (EnEV). This window system in the same time offers optimum conditions for implementation of design and comfort– without the need to invent without compromise solutions related to thermal insulation.


  • Installation depth: 86 mm / The middle sealing
  • Number of chambers: 6 chambers
  • Thermal insulation: Uf up to 0,86 W/m²K
  • Energy saving: up to 76%*
  • Material: composite material reinforced with glass fiber RAU-FIPRO®,co-extruded outer layer along the entire length of high quality RAU-PVC for the highest surface quality
  • Soundproofing: up to class 5 noise protection without steel reinforcement, Rw,P = 47 dB (with glazing Rw = 50 dB)
  • Anti-theft protection: to resistance class 3, to resistance class 2 without steel
  • Air permeability: 4 (EN 12207)
  • Impact resistance from rain: 9A (EN 12208)

*When replacing old wooden /PVC-windows from the 80’s of the last century (Uf = 1,9, Ug= 3,0)windows made from GENEO profile (Uf = 0,86, Ug= 0,5) (window size 123 x 148 cm) a considerable reduction of energy loss through windows

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