Aluminum fences ALUMINIJSKE

Aluminum fences and handrails provides a good price, long service life, ease of maintenance, stainless characteristic. The systems are subject to adjustment and installation on all internal and external parts of the building. Because of its resistance to weathering – SUITABLE FOR MOUNTING BY THE SEA. Fences are systemic, therefore incompatible with bolts and no welding, which further contributes to the quality and the ease of installation.

They are aesthetic and modern shape, adapted for a large number of fillings, and therefore enable great creativity in making. With aluminum fences no need for additional staining and counting. The installation is performed mechanically without additional heat treatment of metals which fully retains the stability of the product in the end.

Our profiles and fittings are anodized (10-25 microns) in variant:

  • Silver color ie. High gloss
  • Type of stainless steel ie. A dark-gray color
  • Wood color ie. Wood imitation

Top price-quality ratio make aluminum railings, fences what you’re looking for…
Factory Saray and NI-TA provide a guarantee of 20 years on technical defects!

Glass fences STAKLENA

With the gradual disappearance of unnecessary corridors and hidden staircases, comes a new dimension in the design of interior and exterior where the stairs are becoming an attractive detail that merges with modernist decoration environment. Most often combines good old and proven blend of metal and glass, or aluminum and glass where the reflection of the glass and highly polished aluminum simply astounds everyone. As a continuation of this interesting ideas come fences that are consist of glass, discretely attached aluminum rails, giving the impression that the glass is in the air. The overall impression is a bit distrustful, but detailed calculations and tests,with the latest production technologies and installation allow just that, with the satisfaction of all standards of security.

Glass railings follow the trend of modern architecture that strives simple form and shape. In the past the fences used for complete isolation from others and its massiveness are protected from prying eyes. Due to the use of safety glass, structural glass railings provide at the same time safety, but and the openness of modern man to the environment and the world.

Combined with aluminum profiles such buildings meet all the aesthetic and architectural standards. Glass produced today with various motives in different colors, so that the fence, at first sight, does not seem that it is glass.

Types of glass: laminated, tempered, insulated

Structural glass fences must meet safety criteria depending on the type of object, on which are implanted.Laminated glass provides minimal security, two glass with adhesive foil in the middle, damage in the glass can not be dissolved, and more common is the use of tempered glass, minimum thickness of 16mm and maximum 20mm.