First shutters in Europe that have achieved certification in Class 4 for the opening shutters and grilles.

Important technical elements that help in meeting the high demands:

  • cold rolled steel 15/10
  • special design lamella on the left-handed
  • reinforcement of 6mm
  • characteristic lock on pull-out
  • hinge / hinges without the possibility of booting from the drive bay
  • many other small details of our armored shutters

These and many other small details, with our highly qualified experts, together contribute to developing a product that can withstand the test of time and individuals with bad intentions.

  • magnet for receiving the bars for shutters
  • buckle against noise
  • opening sensors
  • additions to the armored shutters
  • blinds in different color models
  • complement armored openings

Shutters evolution culminated – class 4, and achieve the goal of questionable value for the security of your home. Thanks to continuous investment in research and development, formed a product which currently represents an upper bound for security and aesthetic values. Precision in design, in addition to achieving a Class 4, oenable a truly perfect level of finishing and mechanical equipment, thus giving the aesthetic impression of high quality and facilitating installation in different architectural contexts – classical, modern or where necessary to respect the historical limitations.CE Certification – Certification burglar characteristics by ENV 1630 i 1627.

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